Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Art Asylum Boston / Joshua Budich

Art Asylum Boston would like to take a moment to thank all of you who purchased a "Dean" print the 2nd print released in a series of 3 titled the "Rat Pack" featuring the work of Joshua Budich. Working with Joshua has not only been a fun project to say the least, but through our collaborative efforts we were able to reach our goal of raising $1,000.00 (The Sky) for Joshua's selected foundation: The KoKua Hawaii Foundation.

When we first decided to work together, Joshua had plans to release a two series print featuring two very popular pop culture movie icons known for destroying the cities of Tokyo & Japan. It was at this time we at Art Asylum Boston suggested the idea of doing a rendition of the "Rat pack" featuring three of America's most beloved and revered icons of times past and present. These idolized Icons have had a major influence over many aspects of our culture and have made quite an impact in movies, comedy, style and class... We were very excited to see that Joshua chose to use our Idea of creating a series featuring Sammy, Dean and Frank and we are happy to have made a choice that has been so widely accepted and has been one of Joshua's most successful and fastest selling prints to date. He did an amazing job on selecting the right images as well as the right color scheme catching these honored men in their most simplistic form.

Joshua will be part of our upcoming show titled "inspiration from above" Art Strikes back.

And for those who would like to learn more about Joshua and his work you can view our interview with him here: