Thursday, August 26, 2010

Art asylum Boston x Eric Richardson

Eric Richardson was born in a small town in Northwest Indiana. As a young man, while out watching the corn grow, his imagination overtook the scenery and his pens and paint brushes overtook his notebooks. With prompting, he studied illustration at the American Academy of Art (1996) and then fully re-located to Chicago. Over the next decade, in addition to becoming accomplished in oversized set-design, Richardson exhibited public and commercial murals and sculptures both regionally and nationally. Combining these skills, a hell of a lot of leftover childhood imaginings, and inspiration from the (ever popular) low brow art movement, he created what you see here; his canvas.

As an artist, “Eyeball” Richardson wants to encourage the viewer to follow the movement of paint and feel the radiating power that lies underneath vibrant color. A can of spilled paint and globs of erratic color at a prop studio can inspire a new painting. Staring at the splattered floor becomes a theme, and then an image. He wants us to follow the journey through his eyeballs and see the humor that is anywhere you choose to look.

Eric Richardson currently paints from his new studio in Sunnyside, Queens.

Art Asylum Boston presents ART 4 HEARTS

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Monday, August 9, 2010

UR New York / Peat Wollaeger / KA in New York

Renowned artist Peat Wollaeger has joined forces with New York collective UR New York and KA to redesign the forefront of the ever popular façade of Chelsea's EYEBEAM, Located at 540 West 21st Street. Many thanks to the fine folks at EYEBEAM for their neighborly support, and the artists for the incredible work they do.

For those who have not yet had the chance to view the completed mural we have included a few pic's below:

Art Asylum Boston x Joe Iurato

Joe Iurato

Joe Iurato signs his work :01. It’s his belief that a single second is the most powerful measurement of time; it only takes a second to decide you’re going to move forward in a positive direction, regardless of the obstacles and challenges you’re facing in life. “From that decisive moment on,” he says, “you should never look back.”

Joe works primarily with hand cut stencils and spray paint. His love for the medium began in 2005, when he would often meander into the streets of SoHo, NYC on his lunch break to absorb the ever-changing gallery of public art, and at times even contribute some of his own. In 2008, during a delicate transition, Joe suddenly found himself being consumed by stenciling - and it quickly marked the biggest turning point in his life. It was then that he developed the concept of :01 and decided to live by its meaning.

He hopes the lion share of his art, whether on the street or in a gallery, inspires people to do good things. He also believes it is our universal responsibility and priority to keep our children’s minds free from ignorance, bias, greed and hate – because what happens tomorrow will depend on the values instilled in them today. It is a message he’s known to share often within his work and is very passionate about continuing.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Open Space Gallery presents Electric Windows

Electric Windows Come's to life with amazing and beautifully rendered works

For the second year in a row Dan and Kalene (Owners of Open Space Gallery) in Beacon, NY held their ever-successful live art event Electric Windows and this year Art Asylum Boston was happy to show their support for both the project and the contributing artists bringing beauty to the vacant faceless warehouse. The event featured over 25 renowned artists who came together to revitalize the dilapidated warehouse that once served as an Electric Blanket factory (hence the name "Electric Windows") during the 19th century.

Participating artists included, Ron English, Chor Boogie, Gaia, Art Asylum Boston featured Artist Joe Iurato, Logan Hicks, Cern, Pete Wollaeger and many more. In addition to this amazing outdoor art event, Open Space teamed with Buxtonia of Ad Hoc gallery to provide live screen printing, Music and food, making it an even larger community based experience for artists and patrons.

Take a moment to view some of the photo's from the event

Gaia At Work

The Detailed Work of Joe Iurato

Mike Baca of UR New York, Kim, Gaia, Jason Zenga Director (Art Asylum Boston)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

“Grand Opening of Paredes Fine Arts Studio in the Wynwood Arts District, FL

Date: August 14, 2010 during Wynwood’s 2nd Saturday Art Walk
Time: 7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Location: 2311 NW 2nd Ave. Miami, FL. 33127

For additional information visit:

Born in 1966, the youngest of three children, Miguel Paredes grew up in the Upper West side of Manhattans 73rd Street, between Amsterdam and Columbus, where the tar and concrete urban playgrounds of Central Park, Lincoln Center, the Bronx and the lower east side were also home to the vibrant Hip-hop and break dance revolutions of the times. A precocious talent, Miguel began painting at a very early age. Surrounded by the paintings and drawings that his father collected of Dali, Miró, Magritte and Calder, Miguels private world was a place he absorbed books of paintings and artist biographies; not to mention the other cultural mediums first born the same year he was: The Green Hornet, Archie Comics, Batman, and Godzilla.

The early 1980s in New York City were exciting times for a young artist who later enrolled at the prestigious Fiorello LaGuardia High School of Music and Art. The so-called underground art movements of the mid 1970s and mid 1980s were far from underground in Paredes world. The impact of artists like Warhol and Haring, the short-lived but powerful world of graffiti art, and even the early roots of Low Bro were the daily conventions of junior high school style and attitude. In this world art was displayed to reach as many eyes in as many places as possible and the young Paredes embraced the force and exuberance of a new language that was freeing, uninhibited and massive in its appeal.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jesse Reno' painting animation 36hrs, over 37,000 frames in 23 minutes.

jesse reno paints 2010 from jesse reno on Vimeo.

The following video documents Jesse Reno's painting process, as he works on 4 paintings simultaneously from start to finish. one of the paintings becomes collaged into one of the others so he ends with 3 finished pieces.

The idea was to document Jesse's process as pure and true to form as possible. jumping from one piece to another and back again as the impulses and urges push and pull him. painting over layer after layer as he searches for just the right feeling, composition, meaning, and colors he needs to see to call a painting finished.

Through out the video there are still shots that hold every so often to help the viewer better see each piece in its entirety during its process. this should help "you" the viewer keep track of whats going on.. good might need to see it twice to fully understand it..

The video was shot over the course of 4 days, in the course of approximately 36 hrs. it was all shot as a series of still photographs adding up to approximately 30,000 photos. Wisa Kuuttila shot all the photos and assembled them into the animation. Jesse composed, recorded, and produced all the music.

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JULY 15TH 2010


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada's Tribute to Spanish Architect Enric Miralles

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada's latest sand painting was created (transformed and undone) on July 3rd, 2010. The portrait is of Enric Miralles, a Spanish architect who died at the early age 44 leaving an amazing legacy. His wife, architect Benedetta Tagliabue and their studio EMBT, organized the work and a picnic for family and friends to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Enric´s death.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Saying goodbye to a pioneer: Rammellzee

Rammellzee, an early graffiti writer, hip-hop pioneer and performance artist whose style influenced the Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill, died Sunday in Far Rockaway, Queens, where he was raised. He lived in Battery Park City.

He was 49 and died after a long illness, said his wife, Carmela Zagari Rammellzee.

He became known in graffiti circles in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s for hitting the A train and other lines around Queens with his spiky-lettered work. He appeared in one of the most important graffiti and hip-hop films, Charlie Ahearn’s “Wild Style.” In 1983 his on-again-off-again friend, the painter Jean-Michel Basquiat, helped produce and illustrated the record cover for “Beat Bop,” a 12-inch single by Rammellzee and K-Rob that became one of Rammellzee’s best-known performances and a hip-hop touchstone. It became the unofficial theme song for Henry Chalfant and Tony Silver’s graffiti documentary “Style Wars.”

He was an eccentric, outsize figure almost never photographed without wearing one of the elaborate science-fiction inspired masks and costumes that he made along with the sculpture and paintings that became the mainstays of his career in later years. He fashioned himself as an urban philosopher, whose overarching theory, which he called Gothic Futurism, posited that graffiti writers were trying to liberate the mystical power of letters from the strictures of modern alphabetical standardization and had inherited this mission in part from medieval monks.

“He didn’t separate his fantastic work from his life,” Mr. Ahearn said. “So when he spoke to you, he often spoke in character and that could sometimes be upsetting.” He legally changed his name to Rammellzee when he was younger, Mr. Ahearn said. As to the name he was born with, Mr. Ahearn said that he knew it, but would keep it to himself, in keeping with his friend’s wishes.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Art Asylum Boston x Miguel Peredes

Art Asylum Boston is proud to present the works of Miguel Peredes

Miguel Paredes was born in New York in 1966 and is of a Latin American descent. He is an artist and self-proclaimed “urban impressionist” who combines the exhilarating sense of New York graffiti art with the skill and perceptiveness of a true exceptional artist.

Growing up 72nd Street in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Paredes exuded early signs of artistic ability and accepted an invitation to New York City’s prestigious Fiorello La Guardia High School of Music and Art – immortalized in the musical and movie Fame – in the early 1980s. His studies at Fiorello coincided with the explosion of street culture in the city. Paredes drew inspiration from notorious pop artists like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring and plunged headlong into the world of graffiti and pop art taking the name “Mist” as his moniker.

At the age of 27, Paredes took a studio at the Art Center of South Florida, where at a young age became one of their most prosperous artists focusing mainly on mixed media and conceptual art. At one of his first showings he sold all of his pieces and broke into the Miami Beach art scene. He ultimately took his own private studio space on Lincoln Road and painted for hours on end. Local venues often offered their space to showcase Paredes’ work and he later did shows with artists like Ronnie Cutrone, Skot Olsen, Tes One, And Sas and Colin Christian.

For Additional information please visit: also you may read Miguels latest interview with Juxtapoz Magazine at:

Monday, June 14, 2010

Art Asylum Boston x Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson was born in 1979 in Elko, Nevada. After a childhood which included stints in Nevada, Michigan and Washington, Kevin arrived in Texas in 1996. He studied art and psychology at Austin college in Sherman, TX. He received degrees in Fine Art and Psychology in 2001.

Kevin pursued a career in social work after graduating. He worked as a Probation Officer in Austin for 3 years.
During this time, difficulties with drugs and alcohol plagued his life and eventually led to an arrest and the loss of his job. While in a drug/alcohol treatment facility, Kevin rediscovered his love and passion for creating art. He decided to pursue this passion after completion of the treatment program.

Kevin has been sober since July 30th, 2005 and has been immersed in his art ever since.

Kevin now makes his home in Houston, TX where he works out of Winter Street Studios.

for additional information you may visit

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dave Kinsey x Todd Riemer x Inferno Exclusive print

Dave Kinsey has taken the time to lend his artistic insight to grace the cover of Todd Riemers latest book release "Inferno"

Inferno, is a limited edition Fine Art Glicee' print named after the book. Each print is signed & numbered by both the artist Dave Kinsey & the Author Todd Riemer.
This is the first time Kinsey has lent his art to Adorne the book cover of a top selling author such as Riemer.

This print is amazing in person and consists of all the usual elements found in a Kinsey print with no exception to quality.

The print measures 18" x 24" and is very limited to an edition of only 50 pieces. To purchase one of these limited edition fine art prints you can visit: pick one up now before they are gone!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

UR New York Art Asylum Exclusive release

Art Asylum Boston is proud to present "Arsenic" the first limited edition fine art release from prolific NY street /gallery artists UR New York. This Fine Art Edition consists of Ten (10) original hand done works on 300gsm Fine art paper. UR New York one of the largest & most innovative Street Art collectives the city has witnessed is best known for appropriating everyday experiences & amplifying them with their unique layering, intricate line work, text-based style & incandescent color palette, reflecting an eclectic artistic tradition. UR New York became just as notorious for their ornate painting techniques as their timeless style: They use paintbrushes mixed with the traditional spray can. Many of their pieces synthesize the line between fine art & graffiti, power & opposition, tradition & advancement. This print will be in a very limited edition of only 10 pieces & is priced at $100.00

To purchase visit or contact the gallery directly at:

Take a moment to view the making of these fine art prints in the following video:

UR_New York - Art Asylum Exclusive TimeLapse from Hot Mop Films on Vimeo.

Art Asylum Boston x Curtis Kulig

The team at Art Asylum Boston had the pleasure of meeting up with renowned photographer and NY's infamous "Love Me" originator Curtis Kulig.
During our visit to NY Curtis Invited us to his humble abode where we discussed numerous topics ranging from his day's photographing friends Shepard Fairey & other well known artists during their ambitious en devours to decorate our city streets to his most recent fame relating to the infamous "Love Me" we have all grown so familiar with.

Stay Tuned for our upcoming Interview with Curtis Kulig as we reach into his mind for some insight into the day to day events that make up this creative enigma. From photographer to street artist to gallery artist.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Public Works Dept. presents Eames Inspiration

Eames project - Operation Design

The team at Art Asylum Boston has had the pleasure of visiting with both the Coordinators & Artists participating in the Eames Chair project, during our visit we had the opportunity to learn more about the endevours in detail & the efforts that went into putting together such a spectacular project.

We took the time to take some pic's of the Artists alongside their submissions for the project & we wanted to take a moment to share with you some images & details of the project in progress.

Some artists include: Billi Kid, U R New york, Peru Ana - Ana Peru, Veng, Cern....

Everyone loves an Eames chair. However this time around the simple designs got a face lift, or should I say I chairlift. The amazing people over at Operation Design have launched their first ambitious fund raising project, a collection of iconic Eames® Molded Plywood Chairs “re-imagined” by 20 prominent graffiti & street artists including Billi Kid and Blanco will be up for live auction to benefit Operation Design’s programming for 2010, beginning May 11th & ending on June 1st at (bidding starts at $1,000).

To drive traffic to the auction, Barneys New York will display the one-of-a-kind limited edition collection in the windows of Barneys New York along Madison Avenue. The chairs have been donated by Public Works Department.

Three years ago a group of professionals in the arts and design community in New York City started a not for profit organization called Operation Design with one mission: It’s a necessity – not a luxury – for NYC students to find comfort and inspiration in their daily work and learning spaces. To organize and partner highly accomplished and recognized architects and designers with public school students to create motivating spaces for their schools while inspiring students with a meaningful hands-on professional experience.

If you have been wanting an Eames now is the way to get it and do something for the youth of NYC. Possibly, the next Eames.

If you want to become part of the growing creative community inspired to make a real difference. NYED is appreciative of all donations including in-kind donations of talent, products and services for our program and promotional materials.

To bid on any of the chairs above please visit the link below

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Art Asylum Boston x UR New York

Art Asylum Boston is proud to present new works by UR New York....

Today,UR New York have become a permanent fixture in SoHo, New York. Their art speaks to people of all ages, colors and cultures across the globe. Collectively, they have showcased their work in many venues throughout the U.S and Internationally.

Aside from creating and selling art, they take time off to give back to their community. they participate in motivational speaking at elementary and high schools,as well as

put together art workshops. They tell their stories to the children in hopes of inspiring and supporting their artistic dreams. As a collective, They strive to work together creating, showcasing, and educating the world about Their ‘world’.

New Works now available through Art Asylum Boston