Wednesday, February 17, 2010


ART ASYLUM BOSTON is teaming up with one of Mexico's most renowned street artists to bring you this amazing exclusive fine art print!

Art Asylum recently had the opportunity to interview Seher One about his everyday life & to learn more about his trials and tribulations as a Mexican street artist turned art conglomerate.
Seher has worked with companies such as Nike, vans, Jack Daniels and even has a project in the works with Medicom..being the first Mexican artist to have a release with the Japanese based company best known for their articulate collectibles and the well known Original fake line of good's.

You can see Seher' work adorning the wall's of shop's and even public transport in and around his hometown and he is best known for his juxtaposition of color and elements creating eye candy, for those who view his mural's you can find everything from wildlife to castles mixed in with a number of amazingly vivid colors.

We are excited to bring you this release and will keep you updated on the release date...
Stay Tuned as we have a number of works lined up for 2010.