Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Public Works Dept. presents Eames Inspiration

Eames project - Operation Design

The team at Art Asylum Boston has had the pleasure of visiting with both the Coordinators & Artists participating in the Eames Chair project, during our visit we had the opportunity to learn more about the endevours in detail & the efforts that went into putting together such a spectacular project.

We took the time to take some pic's of the Artists alongside their submissions for the project & we wanted to take a moment to share with you some images & details of the project in progress.

Some artists include: Billi Kid, U R New york, Peru Ana - Ana Peru, Veng, Cern....

Everyone loves an Eames chair. However this time around the simple designs got a face lift, or should I say I chairlift. The amazing people over at Operation Design have launched their first ambitious fund raising project, a collection of iconic Eames® Molded Plywood Chairs “re-imagined” by 20 prominent graffiti & street artists including Billi Kid and Blanco will be up for live auction to benefit Operation Design’s programming for 2010, beginning May 11th & ending on June 1st at (bidding starts at $1,000).

To drive traffic to the auction, Barneys New York will display the one-of-a-kind limited edition collection in the windows of Barneys New York along Madison Avenue. The chairs have been donated by Public Works Department.

Three years ago a group of professionals in the arts and design community in New York City started a not for profit organization called Operation Design with one mission: It’s a necessity – not a luxury – for NYC students to find comfort and inspiration in their daily work and learning spaces. To organize and partner highly accomplished and recognized architects and designers with public school students to create motivating spaces for their schools while inspiring students with a meaningful hands-on professional experience.

If you have been wanting an Eames now is the way to get it and do something for the youth of NYC. Possibly, the next Eames.

If you want to become part of the growing creative community inspired to make a real difference. NYED is appreciative of all donations including in-kind donations of talent, products and services for our program and promotional materials.

To bid on any of the chairs above please visit the link below