Thursday, August 26, 2010

Art asylum Boston x Eric Richardson

Eric Richardson was born in a small town in Northwest Indiana. As a young man, while out watching the corn grow, his imagination overtook the scenery and his pens and paint brushes overtook his notebooks. With prompting, he studied illustration at the American Academy of Art (1996) and then fully re-located to Chicago. Over the next decade, in addition to becoming accomplished in oversized set-design, Richardson exhibited public and commercial murals and sculptures both regionally and nationally. Combining these skills, a hell of a lot of leftover childhood imaginings, and inspiration from the (ever popular) low brow art movement, he created what you see here; his canvas.

As an artist, “Eyeball” Richardson wants to encourage the viewer to follow the movement of paint and feel the radiating power that lies underneath vibrant color. A can of spilled paint and globs of erratic color at a prop studio can inspire a new painting. Staring at the splattered floor becomes a theme, and then an image. He wants us to follow the journey through his eyeballs and see the humor that is anywhere you choose to look.

Eric Richardson currently paints from his new studio in Sunnyside, Queens.