Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Art Asylum Boston x UPFEST


Dutch artist FAKE, one of Art Asylum's recently featured artists has just placed a 30ft original piece titled: "FAKE Love" up at this year's UPFEST taking place at Bristol University.

This 30-foot artwork is titled FAKE LOVE and is actually made with a 20ft hand cut stencil on a 30ft backdrop

Art Asylum Boston will be releasing an exclusive hand finished version of "FAKE love". With each fine art print being hand painted by FAKE himself, This very limited edition run will make each piece a unique original with a hand painted back ground, signed and dated by the artist. No two prints will be exactly the same consisting of subtle variations and differences in color and technique - these will be sure to sell out fast!

Art Asylum is proud to announce that we will also be featuring an exclusive interview with FAKE sharing some insight into his creative perspective and idea's, showcasing a glimpse into the everyday life of an artist who has made such a large impact in such a short time.

Bristol University and Upfest invited regional artists: Adam Mclevey, SPQR and Dutch artist FAKE
to temporarily hang 30ft pieces of street art from the front of the Bristol University building on Queens Road.

Adam Mclevey: This 30-foot crashing police car was painted freehand,
and has been recreated for prints as an A2 stencil.

SPQR: Two of SPQR’s ‘CCTV Coppers’ have been done on a large scale,
each standing about 25 feet tall.

For more information on the artists:

Fake Stencils