Thursday, September 24, 2009

Art Asylum x Rourke Van Dal

"Last Bus Home" Stencil by Rourke Van Dal

Rourke Van Dal

Rourke, was born with a wooden spoon in his mouth in Bradford, Yorkshire, Northern England from a working class background. He didn't like school so didn't bother going much but really liked drawing so from an early age this is what he did. He is totally self taught with no formal art qualifications. Rourke is an Urban, Situationist, Dadaist, Pop Multimedia artist whose work usually refers to the man made detritus of every day life, the decadence of consumerism and issues related to social injustice. He doesn't intend ever to stop progressing as he really believes that if you stop progressing in art then you may as well give up.

Art Asylum is proud to announce Rourke Van Dal as one of the participating artists in our upcoming group show "Art Strikes Back" for more news and images by Rourke you can visit: Vandal Art

Infantry..WarCry Stencil by Rourke Van dal