Thursday, September 17, 2009

Art Asylum x Fernando Chamarelli

As you may already know Art Asylum Boston has been a big participant in bringing the fresh new look and feel of Brazilian street art here to the states, and in doing so we have had the honor of working with some amazingly talented artists who bring more than just a new form of aesthetic but a whole new approach to the term street art, with massive murals consisting of refined styles and vibrant colors it has taken street art to new heights and we are proud to introduce Fernando Chamarelli.

Fernando Chamarelli is a graphic designer, illustrator and visual artist. He started drawing cartoons, caricatures and realistic portraits and later became involved with street art and tattooing. It is by merging these different mediums that he creates his art. Chamarelli lives in a multicultural country of contrasts, therefore this environment reflects in his work. Including mosaic, geometric elements,organic forms and harmonic lines connecting symbols, legends, philosophies, religions and customs of ancient and modern civilizations. Within this diversity are the strong influence of Brazilian popular culture and pre-Columbian indigenous art. His art follows the rhythm of globalization, bridging borders and cultures closer. The Characters with serious expressions live in different realities and in situations that appear surreal. Music has a very important role during the creation, helping to give flow.

Fernando will be exhibiting alongside Art Asylum Bostons featured artist Rodrigo Obranco as well as Cena 7, Binho Matina's and others at "Gabriel 470 Street Art in Sao Pualo". We will be introducing Fernando as one of Art Asylum Bostons participating artists so stay tuned and keep your eye out for Fernando's upcoming interview as well as new projects featuring works by select latin American artists.