Friday, September 18, 2009


(Alexander Becherer)

Art Asylum Boston is proud to present the cutom works of Alexander Becherer A.K.A Biserama.

Alex is an artist from Germany whose works in a myriad of mediums including hand made Sculptures, graffiti art, and body painting.
Alex known by the name of Biserama has been doing street based murals while implementing a fine art aesthetic to his style in and around Germany in addition Alex has and will continue to exhibiting his hand made sculptures throughout Europe.

In 2010 Art asylum Boston will be hosting a solo exhibition with BISERAMA that will consist of a mixture between his street art and a display of hand made sculptures.
In the mean time Biserama is preparing for his solo show in London scheduled to take place this week.
Stay tuned as we introduce the works of BISERAMA into Art Asylums lineup of artists and look out for our upcoming interview with Alex as he share's some insight into his world of colorful display's and hand sculpted creations