Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Art of RYCA


RYCA , is a young artist from the east end of London who has taken a less than orthodox route into the art world… he eschewed the traditional university fine art training of his contemporaries opting instead to stay at home and watch Only Fools and Horses on video.

Having trained as a sign writer and maker you will probably have seen his handiwork without even knowing it outside many of Lon
don's pubs. RYCA divides his artistic activities between making his increasingly sought after print editions, paintings, multimedia works and various one off pieces. Initially influenced by stencil graffiti and pop culture icons he is increasingly exploring new ways to expand his ideas and incorporate his sign making skills into his artwork.

RYCA will be one of the participating artists in our upcoming group show titled: (Inspirations from above "Art Strikes Back" ) which will feature over 30 artists from around the world showcasing a diverse perspective and paying homage to the impact and inspiration that Star Wars has given us over the last three decades.

For additional information on RYCA visit: www.ryca.net