Monday, September 7, 2009

Art Asylum Presents HighRaff

Rafael Calazans Pierri (a.k.a Highraff) was born and raised in São Paulo, Brasil, huge city influences... Hitting the streets since 1997, Highraff created step by step his own style of art strongly influenced by graphic design, mixing graffiti, illustration, comic language and psychedelic art, the whole resulting in strong color combination's of organic forms with vectorial patterns.

His most direct influence comes from natural forms like suns, moons, stars, plants, animals, cells, atoms, planets and from the spirit world, represented by natural elements like earth, wind, water and fire. His whole work is a praise to the Nature and it´s elements and cycles ... In that way, spirituality of mother earth, love for life, nature, art, ethical art and ancestral cultures are some deep motivations behind his aesthetic artwork.

To learn more about HighRaff you can read our exclsuive interview at: / Artist Interviews