Sunday, November 29, 2009

Art Asylum Exclusive "Love Hurts"

Art Asylum Boston is proud to announce their latest exclusive featuring the work of renowned stencil artist FAKE (Amsterdam). Art Asylum’s latest exclusive is titled “Love Hurts” and is the follow up to Fake’s ever so popular Fake Love. Measuring 70 x 50 cm on 360gsm paper priced at only $155.00 this print is an edition of only 20! There is also an extremely limited edition of 6 AP’s available with a (GID Sun) for $185.00. Each print is hand painted by Fake and will have variations in color and workmanship making each piece unique and an original in its own right. To purchase one of these beautiful prints visit where you may also read Fakes latest Interview. This print will also be available for overseas collectors by contacting the artist at