Thursday, November 12, 2009

Art Institue of Boston Visits "Art Strikes Back"

Art Asylum Boston was happy to welcome the Jr. & Sr. Class mates of "Painting & Illustration" at Art Institute of Boston. Art Asylum was honored to have the students attend a Field Tripp to Study the works of "Art Strikes Back" and attend a private viewing of the group exhibition - we discussed the current state of the art world and shared insight into the various mediums used to create and make up the exhibit. With over 75 pieces on Display it was easy to indulge the students in conversation and exploration. The Class was lead by Jim Hoston Teacher and Artist who directed the group through the gallery space describing and sharing the different methods and techniques.

It was a pleasure to meet and speak with the students and share with them a number of amazing works from around the world and allow them to share their views and opinions as well as ask questions regarding their favorite pieces.