Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Binho Martins gets REAL

Binho Martins gets REAL

Binho Martins’ newest work for REAL is, quite simply, Beautiful! Difficult to translate in basic online images, Martins’ allegorical imagery pays homage to his Brazilian roots and offers a bit of positivity to viewers.

His art expresses a sensation of tranquility, positivity, lightness, and harmony. A self-taught artist, he uses techniques of painting, drawing, and graffiti to create a style now easily recognized.

Martins will display his newest work in a show titled REAL. This exhibition shows a world of pictures and symbols where everything is real, showing the importance of our thoughts and beliefs.

REAL opens January 30th at Gallery Quina, Brazil

1148 – Bahia Street

Belo Horizonte – MG