Friday, February 5, 2010

adam Fantome / Fantome press

As Art asylum begins to celebrate our 1 year anniversary this coming March we would like to thank all of the fan's / collectors and contributors who helped make Art Asylum what it is today. We would not have been able to do it without you & your support.

Most Importantly we would like to thank the Artists! who have dedicated their time, effort & energy by allowing Art Asylum Boston to pursue its endeavors & by taking a risk, allowing us to work in a non conventional way. As we approach a time were both urban & contemporary art have become an accepted genre there are a large amount of galleries out there all competing for the same thing. When we approached our artists with our idea's not only was it different but there was also a chance that it would not work & to our surprise & appreciation we have grown to make a very large impact in the art community & work with some of the most amazing talents from around the globe.

One person that is no exception and one we would like to thank personally is Adam Fantome, Adam
was one of the first artist to release an exclusive print with us & this set off a trend for other artists to follow, what makes our exclusives different is not only are they exclusive to Art Asylum but the proceeds are donated on behalf of the gallery & the artist with no profits being made. While Artists seem very mysterious in nature they have normal lives like the rest of us and some have been touched by issue's of cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc.. so Art Asylum is proud to announce that with Adam's help we started off to a great start & raised over $5,000.00USD year to date.

please take a moment to check out Adam's newest works as well as some of his current and past projects, he is very eclectic, talented and quite the enigma..unlike most artists who are striving to make an immediate name for themselves Adam Fantome has taken the time to let his work speak for itself rather than pushing the idea of quantity, he has decided to take his time and push the limits of his talents. This has proven to be very successful as Adam's work is now becoming more desirable & has found its way into collections around the world.

We Thank you Adam Fantome and every other artist who has taken a chance with us and dedicated there hard work and idea's to making things easier for others and by allowing for us to grow and pursue our dreams of making a change through Art.