Friday, April 9, 2010

Art Asylum Boston x Collin van der Sluijs

Collin Van Der Sluijs

At the age of 11 Collin started working on the streets, a year later he attended the school for traditional painting in Goes, the Netherlands where he learned the old techniques from painting and the theory from all paint mediums, and how to applicate them.

In 1996 he graduated as the best student and was accepted for a 4 year painting and graphic education at St.Lucas in Boxtel, the Netherlands.

Graduated in 2000, and he attended the art-academy St. Joost in Breda, the Netherlands. He studied illustration for 4 years and graduated with a bachelor-title in 2004. During the time at the academy Collin and a couple of friends started a open minded gallery ‘’Punct’’ for young upcoming artists in Tilburg, the Netherlands, from 2002 till 2006. After the graduation at the art-academy St.joost he moved with his girlfriend to Maastricht, the Nethelands and started a gallery for contemporary art in the city-centre, ‘’Galerie Groen lLicht’’ Currently he is working as a gallery-owner, illustrator and painter. Since 2004 Collin is collaborating on various national and international projects with his good friend, Rutger Termohlen, a illustrator and painter too. The share the same vision on life and work which results in collaboration canvasses with stories about daily life and questioning the society we live in.

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